Industrial mechanical mountings

MAS Mechanical Advanced System

MAS sought to focus on innovative projects and solutions, particularly the acquisition of the stainless steel panel business. Being able to offer future customers a reliable product was MAS’ main goal, and for that reason, MAS which is purely a business structure, began the vain search to find what could embrace its philosophy.


Thus a great understanding, “A haute-couture atelier”, was born between Essebiemme and MAS, prompting both companies to sign a business cooperation agreement.

MAS in agreement with its partner, will handle all domestic and international customers, except the pasta factories and mills branch, for what concerns stainless steel panels.

MAS considers sustainability as a long-term strategic approach aimed at balancing business opportunities with social, economic and environmental responsibilities.

MAS operates in the field of industrial assembly and mechanical automation and, although it is a very young company has been able to be noted for professionalism, and speed in the responses to customer needs. The know-how acquired by our technicians coming from different work experiences, is put at the service of your company years of experience and undisputed professionalism in all phases of the implementation of a plant.

Teamwork is the keystone of our success; qualities that customers are recognizing in us, this leads to establishing a perfect synergy between the various production departments, guaranteeing the customer the utmost professionalism and availability.