Documentation and certification in accordance with the law

To ensure that the client company is fully compliant with all legal regulations, regarding work safety, and compliant with the contractor’s regulations, we work completely in compliance, as a contractor, according to legal regulations, with all work safety documentation regarding the client’s safety and our own:

  • Basic Training Courses and High Risk Training Courses,
  • Occupational medical examinations,
  • DURC (Single Document of Contributory Regularity), Technical and Professional Requirements,
  • SOP (safety operating plan),
  • DUVRI (single risk assessment document), and other documentation.

Our equipment, such as toolboxes, tool cart, power tools of various sizes, portable and trolley welders, grinding wheels, miter saws, etc., are all provided by our technicians.

Our technicians are equipped with all basic PPE devices as well as protective hard hats, safety harnesses, and other special equipment when required for specific tasks.