Technical qualifications

  • mechanic fitter
  • maintenance mechanic
  • electrician technician
  • welder and pipe fitter

Technicians are able to read mechanical drawing and related layouts for the assembly of automatic machines and industrial plants.

In addition to technical skills, we have practical experience in the assembly and maintenance, in Italy and abroad, of machines and automations on industrial plants of different types and industrial sectors, we combine our ability to solve problems and modifications on automatic machines, interfacing in a focused and fast way with your technical department, production managers, and maintenance.

Our company is young, but this allows us however, to be able to operate on many types of machines and industrial plants, precisely because of the professionalism of our employees.
We are available for the provinces of Parma and throughout Emilia Romagna to make transfers throughout Italy and abroad.

Turnkey Projects

  • Assembly, installation and maintenance of automatic machines
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Electrical panel, machine board and systems wiring
  • Assembly and erection of industrial systems
  • Maintenance of industrial systems
  • Machining of machines in general
  • Transfer in Italy and abroad for assembly, maintenance, repairs
  • Welding and metal carpentry
  • Turning